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My time with Diana was incredibly real. From the moment I walked in, there was easy access to my truths and to my raw emotion. She, very peacefully helped allow me to see and feel strong and legit feelings. She helped me see myself and my path in a light that made more sense. She is very accepting by energy. She truly helped me love myself more clearly by showing love. I had never felt sad to leave a therapist/counselor before. She gave me strength to move into my own peace and my own glory. This may sound corny but in all my many years of therapy and counseling, my time with her was the shortest but by far the most crucially beneficial. It was amazing. Thank you.


The comfort and guidance my husband and I received from Diana regarding our young son’s diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, and his resulting depression, was immeasurable.  Learning to deal with our sadness and depression over the unexpected was a true blessing.


Diana is a gifted listener
who has helped me grow through head and heart.
Thank you for your good work, Diana.


 Working with Diana was beneficial because our time together was productive: I wasn’t asked simply to process feelings in front of her (with Diana as a warm presence to receive the feelings and probe further into the feelings); instead, we had conversations that were truly dialogues, which raised new questions and perspectives, new strategies for dealing with issues, and new frameworks for understanding my actions and relationships. I would recommend Diana as a therapist to anyone who is willing to confront themselves in the presence of someone who will offer helpful guidance and skills.


What sticks out when I think about having
Diana as my therapist is her effort
to create a safe place where a client can speak
to their level of comfort, without feeling pressured.

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